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Bristol Myers Squibb
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Jesse Iwuji

Keynote Speaker

Jesse Iwuji

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver
Owner of The Red List Group, LLC
Co-Owner of Jesse Iwuji Motorsports
Co-Founder of eRacing Association, LLC
Strong Enough Long Enough Productions
Strong Enough Long Enough Foundation

2022 Vetrepreneur of the Year®

U.S. Navy veteran

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Over 50 Recruiters are standing by to chat with you. Gain the Competitive Edge with this Event


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Juliana Mercer

Juliana Mercer

Warriors to Work Regional Director
Wounded Warrior Project

Juliana Mercer is a Marine Corps veteran, serving honorably for 16 years. During her military career, she was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and spent five years providing holistic support to wounded Marines recovering at the Wounded Warrior Battalion in San Diego. With over 20 years of experience working with and serving the veteran population, Juliana has a deep understanding of the needs of the veteran community and what it takes to support them through their transition from military back to the civilian world.

Since leaving active duty in 2011, Juliana has committed her career to support her veteran brothers and sisters through their successful transition into civilian life. It’s in this capacity that she is the Regional Director for the Wounded Warrior Project Warriors to Work program. Juliana also serves on several nonprofit Veteran Service Organization boards. Through these collaborations, Juliana works tirelessly with employers, government, and military officials to find meaningful employment for recently separated service members who have given so much in service to their nation.

Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker

Senior Talent Advisor
CSX Transportation

My career began in sales as I managed a small team focused on growing client relationships and customer service.  It was that experience that led to my efforts in pursuing opportunities in Human Resources.  My passion for fostering professional relationships, networking and training led to opportunities within the talent acquisition space.  In my current and previous roles I’ve held varying responsibilities focused on corporate recruiting across mutliple verticals to include: Financial Services, Mortgage Banking/Software Services, IT, Transportation/Railroad and Higher Education.  My goal is to help hiring teams think strategically about how their hiring decisions impact/influence their business goals and objectives.  I’m passionate about providing real time data and analytics to my hiring teams that provide solutions to their hiring needs.  One focus that I’ve maintained throughout my career is engaging our military service members.  There are many unique skills and experiences that our military service members gain that will translate into many industries and career paths.  My focus is to provide veterans with support services that will help aid them in their career search.

Tonya Oxendine

Tonya Oxendine

Wounded Warrior
Wounded Warrior Project
Army veteran

Tonya Oxendine joined the United States Army a year after finishing high school — mostly, she says, to run away from a very difficult childhood and abusive family. Unfortunately, it turned out she left one abusive situation only to find another. She was raped in basic training and endured years of sexual harassment and assault thereafter. The abuse continued on-and-off until she’d attained a high enough rank that no one could get away with it anymore – about halfway through her 30-year military career. Yet instead of seeking help, she felt she had to remain silent and keep the pain and emotions bottled up inside.

Tonya felt honored to be given the responsibility to serve her country and she didn’t want to jeopardize that. But eventually, during Tonya’s last deployment in Afghanistan, all of the pent-up emotions started to take a toll on her mentally.

But it would be two more years before Tonya finally sought help for her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the severe depression and anxiety she was experiencing. The Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Talk program gave her the connection she needed to someone who not only listened but, as she came to realize, was always there for her. She also received mental health treatment at Emory Healthcare — part of the WWP Warrior Care Network® — which helps veterans like Tonya who are living with PTSD.

Today, Tonya’s passion is helping other veterans out of the quicksand through fitness and nutrition and by sharing her powerful story. Her goal is to help other warriors realize they, too, can overcome the debilitating symptoms of PTSD.

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